Life Clock

Life Clock is a concrete-casted digital clock that displays your realtime age at all times. It is intended to sit on your desk as a reminder of your mortality.

The Concept

The clock is ticking. Time waits for no one. Every minute that you’re sitting at your desk is another minute away from something you … Read More

Half the World Away

Half the World Away¬†was a 270 degree projection shown at Connections, an art show for DMA students. The project served as a collective group immersion experience taking the audience on a tour of scale, starting from the outer reaches of a fictional universe that contains earth and going all the way down to … Read More

The School of Athens In VR

The Prompt

The School of Athens in VR was a project I did for DESMA 156: 3d modeling and motion. We were supposed to draw inspiration from a famous 2d painting and recreate and expand on a 3d representation of that space in VR.

I chose Raphael’s School of Athens because whenever I looked at … Read More