What is Creator?

Creator is a virtual reality experience that transforms you into a world builder. Using the HTC Vive in tandem with the Leap Motion, participants can “see” their hands and fingers in VR. Using hand gestures and interactive assets, you can drop trees and foxes onto your very own planet and watch … Read More

LockIt: Search Your Memories

LockIt Logo
LockIt is your own private place in the cloud to store and visualize memories. It organizes an infinite amount of data into a finite user interface.

 LockIt UI screen shot

The Idea Behind LockIt

We, humans, live our entire lives having to cope with one truth that we cannot deny: mortality. Every one of us has a finite amount … Read More

Life Clock

Life Clock is a concrete-casted digital clock that displays your realtime age at all times. It is intended to sit on your desk as a reminder of your mortality.

The Concept

The clock is ticking. Time waits for no one. Every minute that you’re sitting at your desk is another minute away from something you … Read More

Twitter Voodoo

Twitter Voodoo is a realtime visualization of public sentiment about 50 world-famous icons based on a sampling of 50 random tweets/second. It was a collaboration between me and Harry Seo for DESMA 161: Network Media.

Decoding the Visualization


Every time someone says something positive about one of our voodoo people, the heart scales … Read More

Zombie Survival Game

Background Info and Project Objectives

Zombie Survival Game is an extension of the project: The School of Athens in VR, so you’ll recognize the environment from that project. It is a fully functional VR zombie spawner game that has an infinite number of levels with zombies that try to kill you, so the … Read More

Half the World Away

Half the World Away was a 270 degree projection shown at Connections, an art show for DMA students. The project served as a collective group immersion experience taking the audience on a tour of scale, starting from the outer reaches of a fictional universe that contains earth and going all the way down to … Read More is a website intended to archive and document my grandfather’s beautiful life.

My Grandpa

Ever since I was born, my grandpa has been one of my best friends. The nonchalant 60 year age difference means that we are almost at diametric points of our lives, which somehow gives us a combined wisdom and youthful … Read More

UCLA Virtual Tour Guide

UCLA Virtual Tour Guide is a web-based mobile app that I created to help prospective college students better remember all of the different college visits they go on, allowing them to make a more informed college decision.


I started College Visit Co. in June 2017 because I felt like there was a large gap … Read More

The School of Athens In VR

The Prompt

The School of Athens in VR was a project I did for DESMA 156: 3d modeling and motion. We were supposed to draw inspiration from a famous 2d painting and recreate and expand on a 3d representation of that space in VR.

I chose Raphael’s School of Athens because whenever I looked at … Read More


What is Fireflies?

Fireflies is a virtual reality music video experience in which participants can explore and interact with a mystical, idyllic, and pastoral digital dusk-time environment. As you frolic through the landscape taking in the world’s natural beauty, you might brush your hands through the tall grass. When you do, abstracted fireflies in the … Read More