Zombie Survival Game

Background Info and Project Objectives

Zombie Survival Game is an extension of the project: The School of Athens in VR, so you’ll recognize the environment from that project. It is a fully functional VR zombie spawner game that has an infinite number of levels with zombies that try to kill you, so the objective is to stay alive for as long as possible!

Aside from the environment, I did not create any of the assets. I wanted to spend more effort understanding game mechanics and how to use code in Unity. As a result, I focused more on the interactive elements and and the rules for the world you step into. Here’s an exhaustive list of all the interactions that I implemented in the game

  • spawn and count waves of zombies every round
  • increase the health of spawned zombies every round
  • zombies take damage on weapon collision
  • player takes damage on zombie hit
  • player life regenerates if no damage for 30 seconds
  • pick up weapons
  • holster weapons
  • keep track of points and rounds on player’s wrist (update dynamically)
  • player gets points for damaging a zombie
  • player gets points for killing a zombie
  • zombies follow player
  • zombies attack player when within reach
  • game ends when player is killed
  • zombies stay on uneven terrain when walking (raycasting)

The Gameplay

you spawn in front of a table with weapons. Take your pick then go kill some zombies. The zombies are actually roman soldiers to fit with the theme of the School of Athens map.

The Inspiration

Red Dead Redemption is a pretty unique game. It’s set in the wild west, and there isn’t a rigid linear narrative. You explore a massive map (it takes like 10-15 minutes of riding a horse to get from one place to another), and you have complete agency to decide what to do. If you want to hunt animals and trade their pelts for cash, great! if you want to gamble and drink, great! If you want to duel a stranger, even better! This is one of the best examples of an exploration and user-decision based game. It really inspired me to create a large map and diversity in landscape so that a user can really explore, rather than being confined to a small map like Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Nazi Zombies is definitely my favorite game of all time. There’s something about the endless swarm of undead, unintelligent beings chasing you and waiting for you to slip up so they can eat your brains. It’s a collaborative game where you and your friends try to see how long you can last. It’s hours and and hours of fun. I conceptually stole a lot of the game mechanics from here such as spawning different rounds and increasing the health of each zombie every round because the format is dang effective and makes for great fun.

How It Could Be Improved

I only had a few weeks to finish this project, so if I had more time, there’s quite a lot of things that I would have improved.

  1. Running Zombies
  2. More Animation States
  3. Better Holster Mechanics
  4. Better Zombie Raycasting to prevent flying zombies
  5. Multiplayer

Technology Stack

Please check out the “Technology Stack” section of The School of Athens in VR for a detailed description of the technology and software used in the Zombie Survival Game.

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments and find other projects here!

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