What is Creator?

Creator is a virtual reality experience that transforms you into a world builder. Using the HTC Vive in tandem with the Leap Motion, participants can “see” their hands and fingers in VR. Using hand gestures and interactive assets, you can drop trees and foxes onto your very own planet and watch as your its very own ecosystem unfolds.


There are 2 main interactions: grab items and rotate world.

You can grab the trees and foxes floating in space to make a copy of them. When you release them gravity pulls them to the planet. Even once they’re on the planet, you can pick them up and rearrange them.


You can rotate the world by opening your hand and pointing either up or down. This allows you to control x and y rotation.

The Idea

Ever since thinking about VR, I thought it would be amazing to be larger than life (literally) creating a world from the perspective of a godly being. One of the problems with the traditional VR is that your physical hands are replaced with hand-held controllers (read more about the struggle I had in Fireflies). To me, this was not a compelling way to create anything in space, especially as a God. I wanted to build worlds with my bare hands. To make something from nothing, to control objects just with the movement of my hands.

Lucky for me, the Leap Motion just came out with their VR SDK, which allows users to track their real hands (without hand sensors) and see their movement reflected in a VR headset. This gives participants a better sense of being inside and controlling the virtual reality, which was the crux of this experience.

The Technology Stack

Everything about the tech stack in Creator is the same as The School of Athens in VR and Zombie Survival Game. The most important difference is the use of the Leap Motion hand tracker.

Ultimate Vision

If I had more time to work on this project, I would have liked to include many more options for the assets. I can imagine air planes flying or hot air balloons floating above the surface and many more land-loving creatures. In addition to adding more assets, I would love to add more animated states for the creatures. Instead of the foxes just walking, it would be amazing if each creature and asset had their own set of behaviors. For instance, if the fox gets close to a chicken, it will chase the chicken, and if it gets even closer, eat it.

The most ideal form of the asset behaviors would emulate intelligent mortal beings. So not only would the assets age with time, but they would learn new behaviors and interactions. Imagine if certain animals could mate and create new species of animals! It would be an entirely self sustained world that you could revisit and see how it changes over time. It would be your own incredible sandbox world.

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments and find other projects here!

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