MyGrandpaIsJimYih.comĀ is a website intended to archive and document my grandfather’s beautiful life.

My Grandpa

Ever since I was born, my grandpa has been one of my best friends. The nonchalant 60 year age difference means that we are almost at diametric points of our lives, which somehow gives us a combined wisdom and youthful spirit that is greater than either one of us could harness on our own.

When I was born, my grandpa started documenting my life. He took photos every chance he got, and he assembled them into hangable collages that he would put in communal spaces throughout his house.

Now my grandpa is getting older, and the physical demands of creating these large murals is too much trouble for him to bother with. I wanted to in one form or another continue his tradition and try to document as much of his story as possible.

Given that my and my generation’s native environment is digital, I thought I could expand upon his idea by adding audio recordings of an interview that I conducted with him as well as include images and videos that give context to what he is talking about and experienced.


The main page is a linear timeline overview of events in my grandpa’s life. As you scroll through the landscape of images, certain clickable images come from the sides of the site. You can click on these images and it takes you to sections containing the audio from our interview, transcriptions of the interview, and other important relevant resources such as specific images, video, etc.

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments and find other projects here!

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