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We’re heading to Lexington KY. It’s 3 am, and we’re heading to Lexington Kentucky. Can you believe it? I hardly can. All my friends curiously asked me why I’m heading to Kentucky over winter break. It’s a fair question; what is there to do in Kentucky? What is Lexington KY known for? I’m here for the next 4 days, so stay tuned as I find out the answers.

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The cool thing about flying at 6:30 in the morning is that you’re awake several hours before the sun comes up. When you go to bed, it’s dark out, and when you wake up, it’s still dark out. Leaving the house at 4am gives me a kind of appreciation for those type-a executives who wake up around that time every day for optimal performance. This lifestyle seems somewhat appealing. Imagine having accomplished so much before most people even wake up!

The second notable part of the flight is that you’re flying west to east, towards the rising sun. It has an effect of speeding up time, and creating beautifully dramatic landscapes. I sometimes wonder what being a pilot is like. I’m sure that pilots have a very unique perspective on the earth we live on!

Before making it all the way to Lexington KY, we have a layover in Chicago, which I’ve been to before, but never when there’s snow on the ground. The birds-eye-view of the snow covered city is really something. I always enjoy looking out the window as the plane lands. It give you perspective on the scale of the world and yourself. You realize what’s important, and you notice interesting things like the shadow of the plane moving across the surface of the earth or the pattern of the houses and streets that share it.

View of Snowy Chicago from the Plane (pc: @aaron_yih)

I don’t know what to expect from Kentucky. From preliminary research, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to do there. I’m there for my sister’s horseback riding lessons, which is apparently very unique to Kentucky. I’ve also heard quite a bit about Kentucky Bourbon since that’s where it was created!


This hotel is cool. They buy up old and industrial properties in smaller towns in America and turn them into modern, hipster, artsy hangouts by converting the lobby into an art gallery. We stayed in the same hotel chain in Oklahoma City, and we really enjoyed it, so it was great that they have a place here in Lexington KY too!

Photo Taken by @just.me_cathy

That plaque on the right says that the building is actually registered as a national historic landmark, which is pretty cool. They have one of those old time mail chutes that flow through every floor, so all you have to do is drop mail in the slot, and it gets delivered to the mail room and sent to the recipient.

Tomorrow is going to be a cold one (pc: @just.me_cathy)

Perhaps the coolest art piece in the hotel is a light fixture installation that visualizes the weather for the next day. The hanging lights change color and position to indicate what the weather will be like tomorrow. There were also a lot of other really cool pieces here.

Photos Taken by @just.me_cathy

Overall, the service and hotel are not as impressive as the Oklahoma City location, but maybe I’m just spoiled. It’s a great place to stay.


It was a long day, so we decided to eat in the hotel. The food is visually exciting and full of super bold flavors.

The Best Bourbon in the World

Cheers! (pc: @aaron_yih)

I came to Kentucky excited about trying authentic Kentucky bourbon, but this was something special. My dad has a friend who loves bourbon, so when the recommendation came, we were expecting something delicious, but we didn’t yet know that his recommendation was one of the best bourbons in the world.

Upon further research, Pappy Van Winkle 15-Year Bourbon is one of the most highly coveted bourbons out there. In order to get it, you need to be connected to the family, so some bottles sell of thousands of dollars. Fortunately for us, the hotel has some connections in the bourbon industry and was able to get a hold of one of the bottles.

Pappy Van Winkle, the best bourbon in the world? (pc: @aaron_yih)

It was several sips of pure 107 proof Kentucky Bourbon. Smoothest I ever had; I’m so grateful that my dad shared this incredible experience with me. These kinds of experiences are what I live for. To me, this is the heart of travel, the meat.

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