bryce & grand canyon | day 6 | 826 miles

july 6th, 2015

I’m behind on my articles, so I’m gonna make this one full of pictures and quick thoughts.

Bryce is known for its abundance of “Hoodoos,” which are those tall spire like rock formations that formed as a result of wind erosion.

Hoodoo Heaven

Life’s good when you’re eating lunch and you have a view like that

This was a 4 mile hike down the valley from sunrise point to sunset point, and as you can see the terrain was pretty diverse.

remind you of 127 hours?

As I approached the end of the hike (the steepest part of the hike), it began to rain, but that made the view very dramatic.

approaching the Grand Canyon?

After that hike, we ate lunch in the lodge at Bryce, and took off for the Grand Canyon. As we approached, I could not believe the terrain. Apparently, those rust orange rocks indicative of the Grand Canyon are actually found in Sedona. The GC is vibrant and alive at this time of year, yielding fields of lush green grass and erect pine trees.

view from the north ridge of the lodge

The rooms made us feel like original cowboys, spending the night in a guest room after a long day’s ride. It was quite homey.

After that we grabbed dinner in the lodge, which was pretty much the exact same menu as lunch at the Bryce lodge, but the view made up for it.
We also had some time — at the dinner table — to catch up with family.

If I’ve learned one thing today, it’s to be delighted in little surprises. Rain caught me off guard, but it was nice because it cooled me down after a nice hike through Bryce Canyon. The image of the Grand Canyon in my head dissolved with the rain from those ominous clouds, but what precipitated out, in the end was an image of reality — something that replaced what I had in my imagination — and it was even more stunning.

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