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LockIt is your own private place in the cloud to store and visualize memories. It organizes an infinite amount of data into a finite user interface.

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The Idea Behind LockIt

We, humans, live our entire lives having to cope with one truth that we cannot deny: mortality. Every one of us has a finite amount of time on earth, and how we decide to spend that time comes to define who we are and how the world will remember us.

As a result, people scramble to make sense of what matters most to them, living lives that don’t necessarily complement their identities. Social media doesn’t help this dilemma because it promotes a homogenous image of success and happiness.

But often, our ideal version of success does not align with the one projected by popular culture. LockIt provides a way to write the real story of your life without the social pressure that is inherent in social platforms like facebook.

It encourages users to make the most out of every week by visualizing how memorable each week is, while also simplifying the process of tracking memories throughout your lifetime. We can only strive t

How it works

  1. Send a memory to our facebook messenger bot
  2. Rest assured that it’s stored safely in your LockIt

Yes, it’s really that easy. Once you send LockIt your pictures, audio recordings, videos, and text, it automatically places them in the correct week’s box, and the box get’s a little bit darker. The more memories you save in the box, the darker the box gets. As a result, you can keep track of how memorable your weeks are and hold yourself accountable to making the most out of every week!

Upload Context

Just 1 month before we started building LockIt, Facebook launched chatbots on messenger. There were chatbots for everything, and everyone thought that these facebook bots were going to take over the world. They didn’t but at the time I saw real potential to make saving memories really easy. I figured that if people were already sending tons of facebook messages every day, sending a couple more that would save valuable memories from your life would be a very low barrier to uploading!

Use Cases/Promotional Video

I wanted to create a video that captures the spirit of LockIt. I wanted people to see all the moments that they save onto their phone and never look at again. To me, it was tragic to let these moments slip away forever.

The Inspiration

In a somewhat unexpected epiphany, my brain connected Tim Urban’s now-famous life diagram with Github’s commit log. I wondered why don’t we have one large log that shows how memorable our lives are?

I assumed that memorability was a metric that everyone wanted to optimize for, but I have since discovered that not everyone is as concerned about optimizing their lives for depth and breadth of memories.

The Team and Division of Labor

I met David Jimenez at LA Hacks where we built out a rough prototype of the idea. He did all of the coding, front-end, backend, and styling, and I did everything else. I built a landing page, designed the UI, logo, and went on a crusade to get email signups.

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments and find other projects here!

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