Indulge In Design (InDe)

Some of the early members of Indulge in Design (UCLA Design Club)

Some of the early members of Indulge in Design (UCLA Design Club)

On September 26th, 2015, I got paid for my design work for the first time in my life. I made $193.90 for 4 hours of work on a landing page for a medical startup developing a new test for urinary tract infections.

Receiving that first email from Paypal was the moment that I realized that my creativity is valuable. I discovered that if I wanted to, I could make a living doing something that I enjoyed, something that I wasn’t necessarily learning in my classes.

The Beginning of Indulge In Design (UCLA Design Club)

The more I looked, the more I noticed that people were studying things that they were not passionate about. Most students were unhappy because they were spending most of their time doing things that they thought they needed to do in order to get a stable job.

Armed with the idea that people should do what they love doing, Eunice and I started InDe. We wanted others to unlock their creative potential and to discover that they could live a life built around what they were passionate about rather than for practicality’s sake.

InDe became a tight-knit group of creatives who are united in their pursuit of individual fulfillment and creativity. Although InDe has since dissolved, the friendships that it forged are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

The first version of the UCLA Design Club website!

A typical meeting day for InDe (UCLA Design Club)

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